Need an Interpreter?

  • Do you know that a Deaf attendee will be at your event?

  • Is your event open to the public and in an area with a large Deaf Community?

  • Should you be as inclusive as possible for people with disabilities, including ASL users?

  • Wouldn't you want to ensure that everyone who encounters your business leaves with a full and fair understanding of what you have to offer?

As a matter of inclusion, full access, and showing respect to your employees and event participants, hiring a qualified and professional ASL-English Interpreter (or a team of Interpreters) is a Best Practice. In most cases, Federal law - the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - demands it.

When it comes to people with disabilities, many times we just don't know what to do.

Contact me to begin exploring the best, most effective ways to provide the right services for your intended audiences! Be sensitive to your clients, consumers, patients, and employees. Show that you are on-board with full inclusion, accessibility, and open communication!


Mobile #: (513) 200-7523 (voice, text, FaceTime)

General information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act and your responsibilities under the law can be found at the NAD's (National Association of the Deaf) website.