Who am I?

ASL-English Interpreter

  • Independent Contractor/Private Practice, Freelance

  • Over 23+ years of Service as a Nationally Certified ASL-English Interpreter

  • Interpret and Culturally Mediate for Deaf, DeafBlind, Hard-of-Hearing, Oral/Lipreading, and Hearing Consumers

  • Experience in General Community, Education (K-12, Collegiate, Graduate, Post-Graduate), Specialized Fields, Conferences/Conventions, Business, Governmental, Performances/Entertainment, & Local/State/Regional/National/International Venues

New Specialization in Video/Online Interpreting (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangout/Duo/Meet, FaceTIme, Cisco WebEx, Skype, GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar, etc.)

Not-for-Profit and For-Profit

EducatorUniversities, Colleges, and Community

American Sign Language

  • Levels 1-4 (Beginning to Advanced)

  • Fingerspelling

  • Linguistics of ASL (Beginning to Intermediate)

Interpreter Training Courses

  • Introduction to Interpreting

  • ASL-to-English Skills

  • English-to-ASL Skills

  • Role of the Interpreter

  • Ethical Demands and Code of Professional Conduct

  • Specialized TopicsMedical, Legal, Mental Health, Psychology, Computer Science, International Countries, Performance/Theatrical,

  • Business of Interpreting

  • Creating a Professional Portfolio

  • Practicum/Internship

  • Mentorship (pre-graduation, post-graduation, pre-certification, post-certification)


Community ASL/Deaf-related Courses

  • Deaf Culture

  • Deaf History

  • Legal Issues and the Deaf Community

  • Psychosocial Aspects of Deafness

RID-Approved Workshops/Trainings

  • ASL/English Comparative Linguistics

  • Interpreting Skills and Process Development—ASL-to-English, English-to-ASL, Idiomatic Language in English/ASL, CLassifier Usage, Surrogation/Depiction Techniques

  • Certification Preparation (NIC, EIPA)

  • Interpreter Ethics

  • Business of Interpreting

  • Specialized Settings/Venues—Medical Interpreting

  • Social Media and Confidentiality

  • Power/Privilege/Oppression


  • 1-on-1 Professional Development Programs Tailored to Individual Needs and Preferences

  • Interpreter Training Program GraduatesContinued Support, Guidance, and Assistance

  • Non-Certified ASL-English InterpretersTargeted Skills Development and Support towards Certification


  • Available for Agencies'/Organizations' Skills Assessments of Staff and/or Contract ASL-English Interpreters

  • Provide Objective Feedback, Targeted Skills Development, and Follow-Up Activities with SMART Goals

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